Cart appears empty after using browser back button [Narrative Theme]

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Hi everyone, 

I am currently having some trouble with the cart in the Narrative Theme. I add a product at the product page (everything works fine here) and then hit the browser back button coming back to the start page, the cart appears to be empty till reloading the page. This behavior seems to fix itself after the start page is reloaded once with an item in the cart.

Steps to reproduce: Open a new incognito tab -> navigate to -> navigate to a product-page like -> add product to cart (product appears in cart) -> use browser back button -> cart appears to be empty [Expected: product appears in cart] -> reload page -> product appears in cart -> remove product from cart -> repeat process from navigate to product-page -> works as expected.

Tested in newest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Chrome for Android, all behave the same. 

I was wondering if you could provide any insight on how exactly the cart is working. I looked into it a little and saw some infos are stored in Local Storage and some in cookies but I have no idea whats causing this issue.

Thanks in advance, hope someone can help




Hi Tim,

This appears to be a glitch in the default theme itself. I'll look over it and see what I can find — if I can locate what's causing the error I'll be sure to let you know.

Since this is a theme by Shopify I'd recommend contacting Shopify support and making them aware of the problem. 



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