Cart attributes not always saving.

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I've added a few required input fields in the checkout cart form like <input name="attributes[delivery-date]">. Most of the time these values are saved and end up in the notification email template and I can see them stored on the Additional Details section of the order, however sometimes... they're just not there. I'm not clear how users could be getting through the checkout without this information being stored. A few customers I've asked have said they have filled this information in.


I suspect this is because they were using Apple Pay:


Why are these buttons required to be on the cart page? Why isn't it an option to have these buttons on the checkout page, that way the cart attributes would be captured?


Store is here:

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We also go into the same situation but still not figured it out.
We auto fill in the delivery date and time. 90% of them can be successfully saved.

I searched it online and some say that this might be because of the Shopify cacheing?

We also use Gpay/PayPay/applePay In the cart page. Not in product detail page or somewhere else. Shopify support said it should works even if the customer checkout using this method as long as they check out at cart page.

Can anyone help ~~~~

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I had thought this was a browser compatibility issue - certain elements just don't show up on certain browsers because HTML is so splintered.

I'm replying to bump this since we have had this problem for a while with a small percentage of orders.

I don't know if there's a way in Shopify to see what browser a user logged in with or how they paid if it is an apple payissue