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My item price on the cart page shows the incorrect price but the total price is correct. Each price for some reason is multiplied by 10. For example: if the total of the item is 400$ in  the cart, the price shows 4000,01$. It's only in the cart that the price becomes different. I'm using a free app converter: BEST Currency Converter. Would that be the reason why?


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In your theme files you can find the template file cart.liquid.
Most likely this file will point to some section file e.g. cart-template.liquid or something similar.

Within the file you can search (ctrl + f) for the keyword "price". It should be anywhere inside the lineitem for loop.
Look for something like item.price or line.price.
Maybe you can see why this happens right there.

Otherwise you could post some snippets from the file. Eventually we can have a look on it together :-)
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