Catalog and View All do not show the same products causing Customer Frustration and lost sales!!!!!!

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My website : takes a customer to my website to shop for Products. Your developers have a design flaw and it is costing me business. At the top of the Home page is "Catalog". When a customer scrolls down on the home page the see my products and "VIEW ALL". 90% of the time the Customer clicks on "VIEW ALL".  When they do that Only a partial group of my products appear. If they call me, I direct them to the top of the page and have them click on "Catalog". When they click on "Catalog" they see ALL OF MY PRODUCTS. The viewing results should be the Same whether they click on "Catalog" OR "VIEW ALL". Please fix this programming bug! I REALLY wanted to talk to customer service rep or a developer . There in NO NUMBER TO CALL. ALL Companies I do business with have a Customer Service number except You. WHY???? Please do not use Covid-19 as a reason. Life goes on. I need to talk to a customer service rep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank A Langston Jr 


G-Daddy Baits LLC