Change Product URL to contain vendor

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I would like to change my current product URL to include the product vendor name on all product URLS.  I understand that I can manually do this in each product by changing the SEO section but I will like my shop to automatically do it for me.  Does anybody know which section to update in the code?


Current URL for product;


Change to:

shop.url/products/{{ product.vendor }}product.url  


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No way I know of to define the URL's like that Shopify. You're really looking at a bulk edit showing handles & vendors, then just go through the list manually. Probably take half a day if you had 1000 products, put it on upwork as a job?

A bulk upload wouldn't work here as they have a dependency on the URL handles themselves existing.

Workarounds would be to use some hacky Cloudflare worker infront, and edit URL's in transit, could get pretty messy and likely cause other unforeseen problems. Another way is to write a script to do this via Shopify API.

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Hi @adlamoureux ,

To change the URL as you describe you'll need to update the "handle" field of each product. If you are using Mixtable to bulk update your Shopify store's data you can map a column to the "handle" field for product, and then set up an Excel-style formula to automatically include the vendor in the handle.