Change Shipping Address labels based on order attribute

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I'm working with the Zapiet Pickup and Delivery app, and within its settings, it gives me the ability to change the language based on the order method attribute. In testing though, it's not actually changing. It says "Shipping Address" no matter what I choose (pickup or delivery only, the store has no shipping). First question might be, any ideas as to why the Zapiet app might not be populating the language settings properly? I've run through the installation check multiple times and all the code is there according to their site.


Alternative solution: 

The labels are reacting to changes made to the Edit Languages settings in Shopify my question is, can I manually populate those labels with the 

{{ attributes.Checkout-Method }}

from Zapiet's documentation? How am I able to include an attribute in the label? I've tried one provided by Shopify like {{ store_name }} and it still just displays the attribute in my "Shipping Information" area as text, not a dynamic attribute.


Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 9.58.21 AM.png


I have a moderate amount of coding experience, but not enough to solve this. Any help would be wonderful!