Change URL of featured products to link to non-canonical URL

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On my product pages I have the featured products and recently viewed product widgets.

Both of these widgets automatically display products, however, they link to a strange URL for the product they link to, not the original URL. As a result, these widgets link to a canonical version of the URL.

As an example, the URL for one product this widget links to is: /products/artisan-mango-wood-nibble-bowl?pr_prod_strat=collection_fallback&pr_rec_pid=6252827541699&pr_ref_pid=6249741844675&pr_seq=uniform

However, I want it to link to: /products/artisan-mango-wood-nibble-bowl 

Essentially stripping out the garbage in the URL. 

Does anyone know how to stop Shopify from doing this and link to just the normal product URL?

I'm using Prestige Theme.