Change checkout button to a "submit order" button that goes to my email

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I have a doubt that I need help with.
I have a wholesale and retail website. Customers tagged as wholesale see the wholesale prices but not retail and it's working fine.
The thing is, I want those tagged customers to instead of going to the checkout page, click a button that sends me the info of the cart so I can create an order for them with the shipping cost. This is because I need to calculate the shipping of the whole order first. After that, I'll create a draft order and send it via email.

Thank you for your time!

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Hello @Aceduar 

Thank you for your question!

As far as I'm aware of this would be possible only with some custom coding, you'd likely need to get in touch with a Shopify developer. 

It's possible to create an algorithm that for every product that is not showing the price on your website the "add to cart" or "checkout" button pops up a form once clicked and request for the customer's email.

Once this customer fills in the form with his email and sends it to you, you'll get all the information you need of the product + his email, so you can do the math and contact them back. 

I hope this information helps you!

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