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Hi guys,
I need advice on the following issue: Because of the current theme which I have on my score (EcomSolid) when a person chooses quick buttons such as order today or get it now shows up the cart. However due to limitation of the theme , the product in the cart has pre-set /pre-chosen size which might not be the one which the client wants. The problem is that you cannot change it from dropdown in the cart and this is very annoying. I spoke with the theme creators and they said that this feature is not allowed and supported by Shopify.
I very much doubt that this is the case.
My question is do you know an app or quick code which can manage this flow?
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This is an accepted solution.

The variant is the one added to cart so that is technically true, you can't edit. You could build a cart variant changer that would essentially remove the one in cart and add the new one but it seems easier to build the variant selector before adding to cart.

Hi @Stefan. Firstly thank you for using EcomSolid. and we hope you enjoy it. 

Regarding your problem, our technical team always ready to give you a hand. Is there any chance if you could capture a screenshot so we can better understand your problem and give you a solution my friend. 

We hope to hear from you! 
We are always here. Feel free to also reach the CS support team for further support!  

Best Regards,
EcomSolid Team. 

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I wrote here because i already wrote to your help desk but there was no offered solution.