Change the collection list name (see screenshoot) supply theme

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Hi guys !


I try to remove the collection list name on my homepage, it's actually written "Buy" and I can't delete or customise this name ... I use the supply theme. 

Thanks guys for your help

The mention I want to remove is acheter (buy)The mention I want to remove is acheter (buy)

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This is an accepted solution.

Check the Customize theme section to see if you can edit it there.


If not, you can edit the code directly. Go to your Theme Editor and look for the file that corresponds to that section (probably in either Sections or Snippets). Once you find the file, read the code to see what controls the output, it might be something like <h2>{{ title here }}</h2>. Try changing it and preview (do on a backup theme).

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Thanks mate, it's done ! 


For info I deleted the line with the h2. 


Have a good day 

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