Changing Collection Sorting - Issue With Theme Code

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Hi All...

Run into a little issue with my current theme and am hoping someone can help, or offer some suggestions.

On all of my collection pages I have the default sorting set to list products alphabetically a-z, which works fine on the first page of a collection, but when I navigate to the second page the sorting goes haywire with products reappearing that have already appeared on the front page and completely out of order. 

I have tried setting the collections to sort differently but the same issue arises regardless. The number of products listed is correct, but obviously with some products reappearing on multiple pages, it means that some products then aren't appearing at all.

I assume that the issue lies in the coding of my theme which unfortunately the designer no longer updates or supports so I am hoping that someone can point me in the direction of where I should be looking in the code to fix the error.