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Hello all!

So we're trying to change themes, we currently have the Venture theme, but would like to change to a totally different theme we bought off of a Theme marketplace. Our store is live and has around 400+ products and about 8 apps, our question is would the theme change affect our products and categories and set up?


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theme we bought off of a Theme marketplace

TL;DR: Themes acquired outside of the Shopify theme store don't follow the normal conventions and are typically low quality. Avoid them.


We are an App developer and have experience integrating with literally hundreds of themes over the 10+ years we've been involved with Shopify. Every time we come across a theme that was purchased from one of the marketplaces we cringe because we know they sometimes do weird and wacky stuff under the covers. The problem is that most of these themes were developed for a different platform and have been ported over to Shopify, but since the developers aren't familiar with it they try to shoehorn it in, ignoring the conventional way of doing things.


An example is handling variant changes for products with multiple options. E.g. when a different variant is chosen the code in the theme needs to show a different  price or image. Typically (i.e. most themes currently in the Shopify theme store) does this using the Shopify hosted option_selectors.js. This has become the de-facto standard so most App developers hook into it. Now comes along a theme from another platform and they use a different mechanism so it breaks the App.


Basically, if you go with an outside theme you'll need to heavily test that your Apps will still work.


The other side of it is about quality. The quality of Shopify themes has increased incredibly over the years, and themes are scrutinized heavily before they are allowed on the store to insure they are following best practices (e.g. deep linking, multi-language support, multi-currency ready, multi images per variant, sections, use of 3rd party JS libraries etc). The same can not be said for off-store themes (not all are bad, but generally they are not as good).


our question is would the theme change affect our products and categories and set up?

No. Navigation, products and collections are independent of the theme.


HTH, Gavin.









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Thanks, Gavin for your time and input. I will reconsider my decisions even tho I see a lot of people using themes from theme forest etc... I will re-think.

Thank you kindly