Changing settings on settings_data.json on liquid files

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I have this problem, I have a really nice theme that I bought which has 2 styles, A and B, style changes are very well defined in the settings_data.json under presets, so it easy to see what it changes, mostly colors and fonts. My problem is that i want to use both at the same time, depending of what I'm showing, this is relatively easy modifying CSS on liquid files and using templates, but the problems is that you need to change a lot of places, because each variable in the setting_data.json (under current) is used in many places.




Is it possible by some mean to use the variables on preset, to get them from the liquid file, and more important, is it possible to dynamically change those current setting depending of the template? That will solve my problem. My own answer will be that is not possible, because the theme.scss.liquid is compiled after you save the setting or something, but i dont even know where that file is, because the only I can see in the project is the theme.scss.liquid.



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You are correct, it's not possible. The only option would be to duplicate the settings and reference them as needed in the specific templates. But yes, that would require a lot of effort.

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