Checkout Button Not Working (Sometimes)

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Currently seeing an issue right now where SOME customers are unable to load the checkout process as it looks like I am seeing traffic that is adding products to cart but when using "Checkout" button from the Cart - it simply refreshes the cart page. I haven't been able to recreate the issue. Some orders are working and the checkout loads, but I have not yet found a pattern in specific operating systems or browsers as it seems to vary on which ones it does not initialise.


One consistent theme is that it looks to largely be a Mobile issue. I have only recognised this after watching some screen captures of people trying to checkout (and got feedback that it was not working from others.)


Any idea's on how to fix? Site is:

Note: I am running Bold Subscriptions and Product Options. 

Here is an example recording of issue actively occurring (3:35) (


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Have you solved this issue? I have a similar issue, sometimes the Checkout Button just gets the Cart Page refreshed and does not go on the Checkout page. This is happening only on Chrome and only on 1 PC (I have tested on a different PC still on Chrome and checkout works perfectly) ..I have cleared out all the cookies but it's the same issue.

I was wondering if you found any solution to your problem that could maybe help me as well :)

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Hey there - yes I was able to solve this but it ended up being an issue
with a 3rd party app. I was using BOLD Product Options + Subscription and I
had an invalid character in one of my options choices. For some reason, it
allowed it to be displayed but when customers went to check out, it would
refresh the page entirely.

After I adjusted that field I no longer had issues. Sorry if this does not
help your issue!
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I have the same problem! How did your resolve it? My checkout button just refreshes the cart page!