Checkout Page Tracking Number Link Is about:blank#blocked

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I'm new to Shopifiy. I just got my store up and running after spending a lot of time getting it ready. I have two issues that are hindering my store.

1. In the image below I took a screenshot of the "Thank You" page after a customer has placed an order. The tracking number that was automatically put in that section, when clicked, takes me to a blank page with the URL being: about:blank#blocked I've tested this on multiple computers, and browsers, and the customer also has checked on two different browsers. How do I fix this issue? I'm assuming I have to go and manipulate some code, and that is no problem. I just need to know what template, what code, and what to fix it with. I reached out to Customer Support for the theme I purchased from. But they said this was strictly something on Shopifiy's end. Oddly enough, when I click on the tracking number link on the backend in my "Orders" page, it doesn't link to anything, nothing happens.


2) My customers aren't receiving email notifications that the package has shipped. I thought this was done automatically, no? It may be user error, as I has archived orders after the payment has gone through but before shipment is being sent. As far as I can tell, the settings for auto email for this is set up correctly. How do I fix this? Do I need to send these out manually before I archive the order?