Checkout cart is not using calculated price from product page

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Good afternoon,


I am currently working with a floor wholesaler to create a shopify webstore. We are nearly done but have an issue I cannot seem to fix. We display price per 1 square foot of flooring but sell by boxes only. This means we had a calculator created that asked the customer how many square feet they need and this in turn calculates the number of boxes as well as the price of those boxes. However, when adding to the cart the price used is for only 1 square foot of that product since we have that in the price field to display. Using custom tags we assign the carton size to the product and that is used in the calculator.


Example: I need 32 sq/ft of product A priced at $3.09 per sq/ft and each box contains 40 sq/ft of Product A. The customer will need 1 box, priced at $3.09 * 40 sq/ft = $123.60. When this is added to the cart, the final price is shown as $3.09 rather than the actual price of one box, $123.60.


I have attached an example of a product page and what the cart looks like. I am not well versed in liquid/css/JS so I am having a lot of issues finding the right variable to change. The calculator is done in the shop.js.liquid and in the cart.liquid it uses the cart.total_price which shows as $3.09. I don't know if I need to change the cart.total_price or something else. Any help or guidance would me much appreciated.

Screenshot_2021-02-08 Yukon Maple 6 3 8 – FloorSupplier com.png

Screenshot_2021-02-08 Your Shopping Cart – FloorSupplier com.png