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I have been informed by support that there is new script in the JS library  that can be added to the "Additional Scripts" box in Settings/Checkout that will allow a customer to add personalisation details to an item at checkout. I desperately need to be able to do this (I use Shopify Lite) but I don't understand JS.  All the developers seem to be looking for big jobs.  I can change the wording in the script that the customer sees but I can't write the script and I haven't found anywhere that tells me what it might be. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?

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455 80 100 this is not about checkout level note, this about functionality of Buy Button, which will allow to have field for cart which will be save with order.


Expose a note field at the cart level, which will populate the checkout object's note field.


You can't edit checkout template, unless you are shopify plus member, if you want to collection additional information with order you can use cart note or cart attributes.

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This is for Shopify Lite. You can add an overall cart note field, but not per item. The notes field can be controlled by generating your Buy Button and adding "cart:contents:note" and "cart:text:noteDescription" to the options section. For example:

```options: {
"product": {
"cart": {
"contents": {
"note": true,
"button": true
"text": {
"noteDescription": "Customize the note label!",
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@Powerglove15  Hey, I've seen you post this solution a few times on the board.


We are adding the code to the Buy Button generated code but it's not working. Trying to troubleshoot the problem. 


You are adding said code to the product-template.liquid, correct? Any other edits made to the other theme files?


Any chance you could share your Buy Button code?