Checkout problem, pressing enter / go.....Timer spinning forever!

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The problem is: There is an infinite swirl/loading time upon clicking **Enter**/**Go** on a PC (rather than clicking on the 'continue to shipping' button)......Most people I've spoken to, say they would hit enter on a PC (mobile devices are no problem being touch screen, most people would click the button).....(clicking the button on a PC also works perfectly).

My own UK postcode works absolutely fine, (tested by myself and my neighbour) goes through in a split second, but when I change it to my 'test' post codes / zip codes, the swirling timer appears and does not go away until I refresh the page. 


Shopify have been notified about this issue over a week ago, but I have been building my site for over 2 months and not even launched it yet, because this issue will no doubt result in abandoned carts.

Shopify technical team are telling me that they are aware of the issue and they are trying to work out which stores are affected........I'm becoming really concerned as I need to launch my site and I have been waiting for this to be fixed for over a week now and they can't give me a resolution date.

Has anyone else got / had this problem? (or maybe had more unexplained abandoned carts than usual?).

It might be worth carrying out a quick check, as you wouldn't necessarily know unless your shoppers report the issue to you.


Thank you in advance,