Collection Pages Not Showing Sold-out On Variants

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Hi Shopify Community,

I posted this question several weeks back with no response and thought I would try again.

We are using the Shopify Mr. Parker theme and created special collection pages that allow viewers to Add To Cart directly from that page. This is a wholesale website, so most people already know what they want.

If the product is sold out with no variants, it shows the Sold Out button. If the product has variants and all of them are sold out, it shows the Sold Out button. But, if not all variants are sold out, it does not show the Sold Out button at all, even when you pick a sold out variant. It does not add anything to the shopping cart, but still is causing confusion. (If an item or variant is available and you add to cart, the button returns a message of "Thank You". If the variant is not available, then the button goes from "Adding" and then back to Add To Cart with no product being added).

This is a good example page, the Warthog Metal Sculptures, 2nd product in, we do not have any medium or large ones:

We have a dummy login to view the buttons and prices:
Password: guestdeveloper

And again, would be open to hiring someone to help resolve this issue.



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Hello Todd,

The solution which works here are
1) Disable the variants which is already sold out
2) On change of of variant selection disable the add to cart button.


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Hi Guleri,

Not sure how you disable a variant, you can delete them, but I don't see any options for disabling a variant or the Add To Cart button.

And we don't really want to hide or delete them, as we get the items back in stock and many of our customers like to pre-order the items, plus that would be a lot of extra work as many of our products have variants.

We just want the buttons to work like Shopify's pre-built "Sold Out" button, to show if the item has zero inventory.

Hope this helps. Thanks.