Color Variation Selection On Collection Does Not Load That Variation on Product Page

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Fr example: If you visit this page: and scroll down to Handkerchief Tank you will see three variations of the product.  No matter which variation you select and then click on the product to load the page it does not push the selected variation color from the collection page to the product page and it's like starting all over again. 


You can see a working example on 


Click any of the color variations of a product and it loads that variation as the preview image on their "collection" page.  When you click that image -- that variation is the one to load on the product page.


What are we doing wrong?  This currently is a bad user experience and we don't want to create new pages for each variant as that could end up with duplicate content issues and also not ideal.

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I also encountered this problem, do you have a good solution? Thank you