Color variants separate pages

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Hi there. I am looking for a solution for a product that has different colors, but... 

I am trying to do color variants with completely separate pages -- so they each have their own images and there is not just a combo of all images of every angle of every color on my product. 

On this website:    they do what I am looking for.

If you notice, when you click a different color it goes to a new page (eg. /products/leggings-stardust/ becomes /products/leggings-cosmo/). Is there any way to do this with variants or through the shopify platform? I also like how there is a cross out on the color if it is sold out. If this is unable to be done through variants is there some liquid method I can use that would cycle through tags, assuming each color has a unique tag.

It would be ideal if it dynamically updated to show X number of color variants each linking to the appropriate page.

I will have a variety of products in one color family so I will also doing pages with a variety of products under the tag "Jade", for example. 

Hopefully this is somewhat clear. Thanks in advance!