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This post is a part of a larger thread that includes the required permissions to successfully connect to the Facebook Channel. You can find the Table of Contents for all required permissions here.

The Facebook Channel allows you to claim (connect) an existing Commerce Account if certain requirements are met. If your existing Facebook Commerce Account is unable to be claimed, then you will be prompted to replace the Commerce account by deleting your existing one and creating a new one.

Shopify's Facebook channel allows you to claim (connect) an existing Commerce account if all the following requirements are met:

  • The commerce account's order_management_app is Shopify (The Facebook Channel checks this automatically and can not be manually reviewed).
  • You are selecting the same checkout method during onboarding that the existing commerce account type has. If the selected checkout method in the Facebook channel onboarding is not the same checkout type, then you will be prompted to replace the existing commerce account and create a new one.
  • You are selecting the same Business Manager and Facebook Business Page during onboarding that the Commerce account is connected with. 

You can use Facebook's Commerce Manager to confirm your checkout type, Business Manager ID, and Page ID to determine if your commerce account is claimable (able to be connected or prompted to be replaced). 

  • If your commerce account is not claimable (does not meet all of the above requirements), then you will be prompted to replace your existing commerce account.
  • If you don't have a commerce account at all, then you will be prompted to create one.

Note: When onboarding to the Facebook Page Shop feature, the commerce account has to be replaced if the checkout type is "checkout on Facebook or Instagram" even if the above requirements are met. This is not the case for the Instagram Shopping feature, and the Facebook Marketing feature.

Shopify is unable to bypass requirements set by Facebook, nor can we make commerce accounts claimable. It will require creating a new account, or replacing your old one; however, we're happy to collect your feedback on this process so we can work with Facebook to improve the process. We'd welcome you to reach out to Shopify support teams if you have any feedback to share. 

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