Compare At Price being updated to 0.00, causing items to not update properly

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So I've been having an issue over the past couple of weeks and not really sure where the problem stems from.

Issue: Some items on Shopify are getting their "Compare At" Price set to 0.00.  Since this is less than the actual price, Shopify will not update the item (description, current stock, etc.) until I manually go in and delete the 0.00 and save the item again.

Background Info: We are using the Online Sales, Facebook, and Google Sales Channel.  We use Octopus Omnichannel Commerce as the router between our in-store server program (RMH) and Shopify.

Octopus hasn't been the best, but I've checked out the mapping fields from Octopus and Shopify, and the "Compare At Price" field has always been set to "Do Not Update".

So somewhere between Octopus and Shopify the "Compare At Price" is being updated to 0.00.  We've been using these services since May but these problems are new to the last couple of weeks.  Curious if anyone has had this issue.