Connecting old domain to Shopify, but not all pages

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Hi There, 

I am about to connect my old domain to shopify. I have not transferred all the information of the old domain to shopify, as they are about events etc. in the past and therefore outdated. So these pages will be gone and re-directing them to other pages has no value, as there aren't any relevant pages to re-direct them to. I am talking about like 50 pages in totaal. (The new webshop also has around 50 pages now). I am not sure how to handle this issue. Will it hurt my SEO ranking if I do nothing? Should I create 410 or 404 pages for them? (and how does that work in Shopify). 

Thanks in advance for your help! 



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I would start by looking closer at your assumption that those pages have no value. 

How much landing traffic have they recieved after events are over? How many links do those URL's currently have? 

If the answer is none, then yeah I wouldn't bother. 

If the answer is lots then redirect.

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