Consolidate two stores; temporary domain disconnect and redirect on one

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I have been trying to reach Shopify support for 2 weeks and have been unsuccessful, so I hope someone here can help.  Currently I have 2 stores on Shopify and am in the process of having a new website designed that will consolidate both into one.  I'm staying with Shopify.  Currently my plan was to disconnect my domain on one store (the one without as much SEO dominance) and redirect that domain to my more successful store.  Then I would use that account with no domain / not viewable to public to rebuild my store.  Once everything is ready I would reconnect the domain that was associated there, and then use redirects and canonical links etc. to redirect the more successful store.   My domains are 3rd party hosted.  Is this a viable plan?  The only other option it seems I have is to password protect the store I am going to migrate to, and then tell people where they can purchase products in the meantime (creating extra steps for the customer).  Please, I would greatly appreciate if someone can advise me on this ASAP.  Thanks very much.