Consolidating Metafield Apps - is it possible?

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Hi all. I have a client that has three metafield apps. They are asking if they can be consolidated, so that only one metafield app is installed.

However, the issue of namespacing seems tricky.

  • App 1 (Metafields Custom Fields Master) seems to have the ability to create metafields for any namespace (with the actual namespace field being editable for any given metafield). However, it only lists metafields that were created through that particular app.
  • App 2 (Metafields Manager) has the option to use a sitewide custom namespace for all fields created in the app, but otherwise uses the global namespace by default. That's how it's configured now.
  • App 3 (Metafields Editor) appears to be able to view all metafields in the global namespace, as well as custom namespaces, which includes data entered via App 2. However, it will only show the fields with data on them, and it only shows product and variant metafields (as opposed to the Shop, Article, etc.).  

Since this might seem confusing, my question is simply: 
Is there a way to consolidate the apps in such a way that ONE app is able to view and update metafields across namespaces, without a large frontend refactor?

Writing this all out seems silly, because I believe the answer is NO. However, I figured I would ask anyway, since the client is tired of having to choose from a menu of 3 possible metafield apps when making small changes to their data.

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Hi @camb!

Technically what you are looking for is possible -- it's just a matter of finding the right app/solution. I'd strongly suggest taking a look at the Accentuate Custom Fields app. It is one of the most robust metafields apps out there, and it does have built-in features that allow you to use and manage metafields from other apps. Here's an article from their help center with some more details:

Hopefully this helps!

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Thanks @Kyle_W - I'll take a look at this today and let you know if it can solve the issue. I appreciate you taking the time to respond!