Contact Form No Longer Working After Connecting Existing Domain

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We just connected our existing GoDaddy domain to our Shopify store today, however the contact form no longer sends emails to our Store Contact Email in our shop settings (also a GoDaddy email). Prior to connecting the domain I was able to send several test submissions after updating the SPF records.

Am using the built in contact form template in the free theme 'Debut' with slight changes—added some fields & adjusted layout.

Currently the form submits fine (recaptcha included) and brings you back to '/pages/contact-us?contact_posted=true'.

I've checked my bulk/junk folder but nothing shows up there either. I can't troubleshoot when I don't have any fail messages … aside from the lack of form submission emails in my store contact email inbox. Is it possible that updating the domain DNS settings has somehow messed up the contact form from working?