Content overlap After Moving Product Description

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I have an issue with some content ("You may also like") overlapping the right side of my product pages.

What I have been trying to do:
1. I installed the Ultimate Sales Boost App, which has some very nice features.
2. To make room for these new features on the right side of the product pages, I moved the product description to the left side under the pictures. (In product-template.liquid From line 339 to line 206.)

This is the description code I have moved:
<div class="product-single__description rte" itemprop="description">
{{ product.description }}</div>

This is the result:


To me it looks like some DIV is missing, or I have placed the desc div in the wrong location. If I move it back to the correct location (right side line 339, it all fall back into place)

Anyone who can see what is going on?