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Hi guys - I love shopify and my site is doing well. I want to create an even better customer experience and show a dedicated page of all my reviews - WITHOUT BUYING AN APP. It seems no matter where I look, if there is some feature to implement "there is an app for that". I understand that and it is great. However, I am a small business and adding all these monthly / yearly subscription fees adds up quickly. I have developer experience and I am fine with coding - but need guidance if this exists already somewhere as a template.

So - without buying an app - has anyone implemented an ALL REVIEWS page - using the free Shopify Product Reviews app?

If so - are there instructions or a template available?


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Hi! Hope you are doing well!

This cannot be done without App.


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Well the review itself needs an app but there's often ways to look at the problem in different ways. This post of mine is super old so look at it for inspiration only.

If you don't feel like clicking a link like that it's also available on a github repo.

I will say it's not a perfect approach but it does (did?) work ok to bundle some reviews together until you feel that a much more sophisticated marketing and review tool is needed.

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