Create an 'Exit Button' to send user to referral URL

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I am looking for advice on creating an exit button, near the header logo, that when clicked will return a user to their original referral URL.  


Our company website is a WordPress site on - Our Shopify store is located at


When a user visits our store from our company website, I want them to be able to return to their last page before our store.  For example, a user visits our store from  While in the store they view a few different pages, then upon clicking this exit button they will return to  This could apply to external referrals as well, but I imagine I'll just send them to


I'm hoping to get an idea of how to approach this. My current plan is to pass along the original URL as a URL parameter.


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P.S. I'm new to these forums, please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve future posts.