Creating Variants with pricing adjustments

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Hi! Completely new to all of this and I’ve searched the community for answers but it’s extremely confusing. I need to create a code for a new variant to list a product. Example: I have 5 of the product but it can be placed on multiple options which will determine the price. 

T-shirt $18

Razorback Tank $22

Longsleeve T $27

etc. It’s my understanding that line items will not track inventory so I believe it needs to be a variant option. Thus far when I’ve listed inventory as 5 when I lost multiple styles or sizes it shows 5 for each one when in reality I only have 5 total to create 5 finished products from the variant options available. Where might I find information resources to create this variant? 

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Shopify doesn't support a shared inventory among product variants out-of-the-box, but I've found two apps (I'm not affiliated with them) that may solve your problem:



Connected Inventory


Both apps should allow you to set up product variants as normal but track inventory per product instead of per variant.


I hope this helps.

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Thank you. I wondered if it was an option out the box. I’ve also reached out to SimpleSync so hopefully they’ll be able to confirm. 

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You can also try the Duplicate SKU sync app to keep the inventories of variants in sync. Simply assign the same SKUs for each variant that is common across products. The app will then keep the variants in sync.