Custom Template Management through Customizer

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I created custom template named [page.multiple-collection]. I created multiple sections named [ "collection-1, collection-2, collection-3"]. In which I am having collection schema and managing my template [page.multiple-collection] through Shopify Customizer. 

I created page in Shopify and assigned it template [page.multiple-collection] and added different collections. 

Now I want to use that template on other pages and when I try to manage different collection for different pages It is impacting my previous pages. Changes on new pages implementing on previous page. I inspecting elements and all of snippets having same ID shopify-section-page-collection-1.

I want my new pages to use my custom template and in customizer it should be empty and for every new page I add new collections. Right now my customizer has already adde/assigned collections. 

Please help. Thank you.