Custom URL variables driving product customisations and payment notification to custom site

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Hi There,

I was wondering if the following two points were possible.

1. I would like to a URL variables to a link and have that drive the customisation fields on the product.
For example the URL would be something like...
Then on the product page when that loads, it will fill in fields based on those URL variable.
This is to allow me to send people directly to a product from a custom website with details that they entered there for example.

2. I have a custom website which manages entries for an event, when someone has paid for a product on Shopify, is it possible to send the details of that to my custom site via some sort of payment notification (similar to how the PayPal IPN works) so that the info can be inputted into a MySQL database and my custom site can see it.

Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.