Custom application with self maintained payment system

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently researching the shopify custom app platform trying to find a good solution for my e-commerce project. I've gone through the documentation but I'm not getting any closer to an answer. I'm asking help from the community to know if I can use shopify for the following business model:

  • E-commerce solution which sells subscriptions, using Stripe;
  • Products will be imported from Odoo (CRM), with synchronisation using a connector - I've confirmed this feature;
  • Orders also synchronised with Odoo - Feature confirmed;
  • Payments for the subscription are not at a regular date and fixed price, they will be dynamically calculated by our own backend or Odoo if possible;
  • Payments need to be done automatically, without clients intervention; (except the first one) 
    • Stripe has off-session payments that fit our requirement;


My main concern is the payment system; I've read that custom apps do no use the default Payment API. Does that mean that we can implement the payment system with Stripe and our own backend?

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