Custom courier costs

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Hi. I am brand new to shopify, but not to coding.

Is it possible to link a courier api to calculate courier costs?

My main issue is that my client wants to sell books online that will be shipped to customers.  Now the courier api requires custom parameters that needs to be calculated before it can be passed.  So say for instance a customer orders 30 books.  Those 30 books will fit into 2 boxes (which needs to be calculated, a box can only hold x amount) of Y weight and dimensions which is also calculated .  These then need to be passed into the api along with the customer shipping address.  Then I need to parse the response before I can actually display it.

Can something like this be done?  Or would it be easier to create a static website with the shopify api?

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You can do that, shopify will send you the cart and address and you can do your thing then return shipping options to shopify