Customer Loyalty Program Fraud Protection

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Hi all, 


We've had a few people taking advantage of our points program, by creating 100s of emails and gaining new subscriber points.  They are able to get tons of free products this way. The only way we were able to catch these individuals is by their shipping address which is the same for all their bogus customer accounts.


I now have Flow set up to cancel orders being shipped to these addresses. However, I've recently noticed the same person is back at it with a different shipping address this time. 


Is there a way I can prevent people from doing this?  Ideally, I'd make a rule where if 2 or more customers use the same shipping address ---> send us an alert/email. Doesn't seem like this can be accomplished in Flow, since Flow wants specific values. 


Any ideas?



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Hi @kel_dee, This is always disheartening to hear. The point system should always have a minimum purchase value in the price rule to prevent stuff like this. No matter how the points are getting assigned. It sounds like points can be converted to cash on your check out, is that correct? Gets me very angry when developers allow this. Please contact the app developer immediately, although I hope they respond to you in this post.  

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Wouldn't say this is a fool-proof solution. But what if it became possible for you to let shopper's to participate in a loyalty program only when they have an account on your store? This way you can validate their activity, and also add tiers to your loyalty program; and make it more engagement driven. Like they can earn store credits only when they complete an 'x' task - which could be dropping reviews, rating your products, creating a wishlist, etc. Apps like Flits enable this- maybe you could probe this solution!