Customer Unable to make payment via Credit Card.

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I've received a huge number of customers contacting us as they are not able to check out at all with credit or debit cards.

We suspect is the issue with the payment gateway that Shopify is providing. 

I've look thru our setting and could not find a solution on this. stated everything is fine but customers are still not able to make payment at all. 

These are the "symptoms' based on their feedbacks: 

  1. Unable to click check out
  2. Click Check Out and nothing happened
  3. Manage to proceed with Check Out and received notification from bank for the transaction. However, the transaction wasn't completed. 
  4. Tried multiple cards such as Visa, Mastercard and Amex but could not make the payment. 
  5. Unable to checkout as it says that there is an error adding the card details

Anyone have the same issue before?