Customer billing address required and shown only when customer uses credit card

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Hello My community,


Thank you in advance for help with this item.


I'm on my way to launching our tourism business store on Shopify and like many others having a challenge in getting the Shopify platform useful for this purpose. 

Setup- I don't have any shipping requirements, so I have enabled the "shipping same as billing address" option in admin->checkout area. Also, I have COD option for payment in which case client's billing address is not needed.


So, three challenges that I'm seeking advice/help here:

  1. My challenge is that client's address (information page - 1st image below) is asked before the payment page. So, it can be required or not irrespective of the mode of payment. What I want to do it, make it optional when they chose COD as the payment method and the address being required for CC payments.  Any advise/workarounds is very welcome. 
  2. On the same lines, on choosing the COD payment method, I don't want to show the billing address in the
    1. Thank you page (2nd image below)
    2. Client notification (3rd image below)

           Is any of this possible? Any suggestions/help is very welcome. 



Thank you much!