Customer registration collection using customer [note] not show in customer notes?

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Hello, I am using the warehouse theme and I have added the below code to collect extra info in the customer notes section. None of these are showing up when I view the customer information. Can someone help me determine why this might be?


<div class="form__input-wrapper form__input-wrapper--labelled">
        <input type="text" id="practicename" class="form__field form__field--text" name="customer[note][Practice Name]" required="required">
        <label for="practicename" class="form__floating-label">{{ 'customer.register.practice_name' | t }}</label>
    <div class="form__input-wrapper form__input-wrapper--labelled">
        <input type="tel" id="practicephone" class="form__field form__field--text" name="customer[note][Practice Phone]" required="required">
        <label for="practicephone" class="form__floating-label">{{ 'customer.register.practice_phone' | t }}</label>
         			<label for="customer_tags">Your Preferred Buying Group</label>
							  <select id="customer_tags" name="customer[tags]" required="required">		
     						 <option value="No Buying Group Selected">No Buying Group</option>
     						 <option value="AVP">AVP</option>
     						 <option value="CDMV">CDMV - Pricing will differ from the prices on this website.</option>
     						 <option value="VP">VP</option>
    						 <option value="WDDC">WDDC</option>
      <div class="form__input-wrapper form__input-wrapper--labelled">
        <input type="text" id="customernumber" class="form__field form__field--text" name="customer[note][Customer Number]" required="required">
        <label for="customernumber" class="form__floating-label">{{ 'customer.register.bg_number' | t }}</label>