Customer specific discounts with product option app

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We are currently using both Hulkapps Infinate Product Options AND their Volume & Tiered Discount pro apps. The issue we’re having is that their Discount app doesn’t apply discount to the ‘additional options’ created in the Product options app (only the base cost of the product) and therefore useless to us as we want to apply discount to the entire cart for all products in cart. Hulk apps have confirmed they are not compatible which seems crazy to me.

I have contacted other discount app developers who have all so far confirmed their app is not compatible with Hulk apps infinite product option app. I believe this is due to the way the product options are brought into cart.

All we need is a discount app that can do the following. (I am amazed this doesn’t seem to exist as it seems like a reasonable requirement for most bespoke shops) 

• We have various customers who requires various discounts. Example as per following;

o Customer 1 receives a 50% discount on all products

o Customer 2 received a 45% discount on all products

o Customer 3 received a 40% discount on all products

• We need the discount to apply to all products, not to specific ones.

• We require the discount to be applied to the entire product (including additional options), i.e. everything in cart.

can anyone help me understand the best solution for this? (ideally not by deleting the hulk apps infinite product option app as we’ve spent hours configuring it into our website.)