Customers not sent to "thank you" page after payment, FB Pixel

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Hey there. My Facebook Pixel isn't tracking all sales. I did some checks to try and determine where it goes wrong. I added scripts to detect the page visit and adblockers on the thank you page. As it turns out, some people are not redirected to the thank you page after paying OR a script error occurs which prevents all other scripts from running. I lean more towards the former.


Could this problem be related to the payment gateway integration with Mollie? That Mollie is not redirecting the customer back properly?


I know over 50+ stores that have paid a 3rd party for a "pixel fix". But I think all they do is add scripts to the order status page. However, if the problem is that people are not reaching that page, shouldn't this script not have any effect? But for some reason everyone reports it as working. 

More importantly, if so many stores experience this issue, isn't this something Shopify should address? I have contacted the gurus multiple times and I understand it's hard to track down what goes wrong, but for many of us it is clear that something is wrong. Buying a pixel fix for every store you set up is unfortunate when Pixel integration is officially supported by Shopify. It is so crucial, else it's hard to know if your ad is running well or not.


Anyone else experiencing the same issue?


Are there params I can add to the URL that will show up on order details in Shopify? That way I could still track.