Customizing the Gift Card Created Email Template

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I'm trying desperately to figure out how to add custom verbiage to the "gift card created" email template based on the products/order/line_item tags. It seems that the email variables and properties that work for other notification templates, do not work for this one. What I am trying to do is create a different email_title and email_body based on the orders' tags. The code here:


{% capture email_title %}

{% for tag in order.tags %}
{% if tag contains 'New York Spa Service' or tag contains 'Los Angeles Spa Service' %}

Your Spa Purchase is Almost Complete!

{% else %}

Your Gift Card is Here!

{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{% endcapture %}


Let's start there. I've tried line_items {% for line in line_items %} and changing the operator from contains to == . No dice. I really think this template is operating by its own set of rules, but I haven't been able to find any of them. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.