[DEBUT THEME] Customize product filtering

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I am using the Debut Theme, I have a clothing store so I am looking to make my product filtering depend on which collection you are on. For example, as of now, on the filtering, I have these options:




Translation: All products, Men, Jeans, Women, Pants, Shorts, Sport, Streetwear

I have those options even tho I am on MEN clothing collection.

Also, I would love to be able to sort by the product tags, for example, I have every product tagged with the name of what it is. For example, jeans are tagged as Men, Pants, Jeans, etc.

I also have accessories so, on the Accessories tab, there should be a filter for: Sunglasses, rings, necklaces, etc..

Basically, the theme has a few filtering options all throughout the store, same ones always, and it just isn't right.

If you have any idea, I am eagerly waiting to try them, thank you so much!

Edit - Store link: lovasa-shop.com