Debut- How to arrange product image layout?

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Hi, Please help.

I have debut theme and I wish to change the arrangement of my product images.

Currently, If I click on a product: My first main product image, displays large. Then, below the main image, the other uploaded indiviual images are displayed in two-three rows below in small format and you have to look and click on them to enlarge the image. Overall its very messy. 

Is there a way to code with out having to pay for apps. 

I wish to have the remaining images displayed small in one row below the main image and have an arrow on the main large image to move them along. 

So displaying 1 large and 4 smaller images below but as you click through, it can show more as you click. rather than rows of all the individual images and having to manually look at them and click for a closer visual.


Please help.


thank you