Debut Theme - Product Page - Image Slideshow

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Hey Everyone,


I'm helping a friend setup their store in the free debut theme on shopify. They want their product page images to function as a slideshow, with arrows to go left and right instead of the images showing at the bottom.

I have found a number of guides to achieve this, but they all seem outdated (as in many of the suggested css changes already seem to be implemented on the theme file i am using) 

I found this guide with very clear instructions


But the areas it indicates to comment out are already commented out on my file.

I also found this which is more recent, but i tried the changes and all i managed to do was break the space between the header image and the top banner.

I have some experience with CSS but I am far from an expert, and I'm just not getting this to work. If anyone has any advice or a way to do this on a more recent version of debut, I would really appreciate it.