Debut theme bugs - please help

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I am using Debut and have 2 issues.
1) Currency converter Apps:
I am using external apps because my country does not support Shopify payments. I tried 4 different apps, all have the same issue.
When you remove a product from the cart (or change time count to higher/lower) the subtotal shows unnecessary and confusing code snippet, see here:
Before an item is removed:


After an item is removed:



One app had a fix for it, I had to change something in code, but once done, the Subtotal was no longer working at all. Yes, the code snippet was gone but subtotal was no longer changing when adding/removing items.
All 4 apps exactly the same issue, not sure what to do.

2) Debut theme issue with sale prices:
If I add "Compare at" prices for a product where different variants have different costs, and I switch variant on the product view page, the sale price updates but the original price stays the same until I manually refresh the page.


after changing to 15 inch one (sale price updated original price stays same - is wrong):


After page refresh the correct original price is there:


Not using any app for this, directly the "compare at" option from Shopify/Debut...

Any help is very much appreciated.