Debut theme - create trigger in cart to send custom event to Sendinblue

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Trying to create a trigger to send a custom event to Sendinblue to start a workflow automation.  Using Debut theme. 


We want the trigger to be when a specific product (not just any product) is purchased.  After multiple email conversations with Sendinblue, I get all of the "help docs" but none of them tell me specifically WHERE the snippet should be added.  I can't see where to access the Cart/Order to add this small JavaScript template.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



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Thank you for your question. 

Please share:

1. your store URL
2. Password (if your store has one) so we can help you.
3. Documentation of the code that you need to implement

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Thank you so much for your quick reply.  I am not a developer but I have a friend, Carter, who is trying to help me with this problem.  I have contacted him and hopefully he will have some time soon to reply to this thread.  In the meantime, I wanted to acknowledge your reply.  


Our store is:

No password required.


Hopefully this detailed information will help.  It may be that this is not possible with Shopify but it seems like it should work.

We have customers who make a purchase through another platform (ClickFunnels).  But we have it set up that the order and customer information is updated in Shopify and a receipt is generated from Shopify.  I should note that the product is in our list of products in Shopify but NOT made available for purchase on the Shopify store as it is a special promotion through this other link.  

We would like to have when the receipt is generated with this particular product,  it triggers a custom event in Sendinblue so a workflow automation is initiated.  Sendinblue has been unable to tell us where...exactly...this JavaScript (template or snippet, not sure which...I don't speak Developer) should be added/inserted into the Debut Theme so that the trigger happens. Carter has not been able to find access to the cart/order area in the code in Shopify where the "small JavaScript template" is supposed to go.  He said he can write the code, he just needs to know where (template?) the code is to go.  

Hopefully this will help in explaining what we are trying to do.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate you trying to help us.  I have spent WAYYYY TOOOO long trying to get this figured out.  

With gratitude,