[Debut theme] pictures get cut off by section height restrictions

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Good day.

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Issue: I've added banned into image with text overlay section , selected very large section height, but the image i've added still gets cut off.

Original image:
How it looks on site:

I read somewhere this section has 775px height restriction . My image has height of ~1000px. Would be grateful to get help with css code to enlarge section height to the height of the image.


Thanks in advance.


For cases like this you'd need to have a custom section coded in that displays an image using the <img /> tag instead of using background images (like debut does).

Yes, it's possible to seemingly fix it by throwing the background image more to the right/left/up/down so it looks fine on your own computer, but realistically it won't look the same in every single device, therefore it won't be responsive.

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