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Hi everyone 

I desperately need assistance with hiding the default title on non variant product pages. I am using Mr Parker theme. 
Ive gone throughout the community and read the answers to this question but none have rectified my problem. 
Manually deleting this on 450 items isn’t an option, I’m guessing code is needed ? But what and where do I put it is the question?! 

Thank you in advance for your help!


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There is no way to delete that anyway, its the default variant. You must contact theme's dev for support because the theme is paid and we can't check its code to advise. Basically an if-else condition must be added around the variant selector to hide it when there is only 1 variant


Hello @kwash,

Please share:
- your store URL;
- page URL with the issue you mention;
- storefront password (if your store has one).

If the store is not online yet, please follow this quick tutorial to learn how to safely and temporarily share an offline/unpublished theme URL.

Kind regards,

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