Deleted Pagefly and can't use new theme: Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/pagefly-header.

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Hello I was using Flypage and it wasn't meeting my needs so I deleted it and uninstalled everything, but it is making it so that I cannot work in the new theme that I just purchased. There is no "page content" section between the header and the footer. I downloaded the theme, removed it, and uploaded it and I am having the same problem. I am new to this and I am very frustrated, I hope that someone can help me! Thanks.


Edit: I just found this: {% render 'pagefly-header' %} in theme.liquid

Do I delete this?

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I think that if you have a backup theme you might think about revisiting a previous backup theme (or under 'Edit Code' if you're able to use the same theme and revert layout/theme.liquid to an earlier version without the Pagefly app code, these files can be reverted individually since Shopify tracks change history).


It's likely that you have some code commented out or replaced that needs to be restored. If you need help with this you might consider contacting a developer (this is something that we help with at but first I'd recommend reaching out to the app developer if you can't figure it out. They're usually good about receiving customer service requests so their team may be able to help you make the appropriate changes.